Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Most wanted recipe!!!!! We enjoy this weekly and so will you. 😋 Use your food processor and mix -1/2 cup dates (Look up and see all the amazing benefits of dates! Omg!) -1/2 cup any nut butter -1/2 cup any flavor superfoods shakeology (ask me to get yours) -1/4 cup or more honey to sweeten When everything is well blended- transfer out of processor into a bowl n add -1/2 cup oats, chopped nuts or shredded coconut (Depends on whether or not ur paleo) Mix well n put in the fridge for few mins so they roll into balls easier. I use a mini scooper to scoop them into same sized balls because...pretty! You can even flatten em up n cut into bars. Then FREEZE FOR AN HOUR. ENJOY! Don't forget to share! Kids LOVE them so much despite all the superfoods! #pearleneutley

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