Monday, December 29, 2014

How to Use Instagram

Repost from 2013

Instagram is way different from any other social medias. It is really hard to explain but the more you learn how to use it, it can be very beneficial.  Here, I just want to share some of Instagram rules that I made up for myself because I am enjoy Instagram. I would love to hear your rules and how you use instagram.

Here are my rules to inspire you to put your Instagram time to better use. If you have different rules, that is the beauty of being YOU and I probably am still following you. :) 

1. Post stuff that will inspire or makes others happy, not in a weird way, please! Be WEIRD but not that weird.

2. Do not post anything that shows your private parts. Or even hints of anybody or yours.

3. Do not post drugs of any kind including PILLS. I would like to scroll through happiness photos with my daughters and call it productive bonding time where we go through photos and point out fun, productive or sweet stories.

4. Post things that you are passionate about. Or your milestones.

5. If you are selling something, SURE! Post it. I dont want to walk or drive to a store, window shopping on IG is cool. Again, my daughters and I enjoy window shopping together. Just dont do it 10x a day.

6. HELLO MY NAME is… instead of masking yourself. I have been unfollowing hundreds of people because there are no names OR photos of YOU. See next rule.  

7. If I want to read about a topic, like see some food porn, I will just go over to hashtags and look at the hundreds of photos without having to FOLLOW every single person that has a food porn account. LOL   

8. Please dont post 10 photos that are similar to each others in a row. My wrist s getting carpal drama but I just cant give up Instagram.  AutoScroll, anybody?

9. Videos are OK OK because sometimes I am in a place that doesn’t have good internet coverage, I will just skip watching your video. Make it an occasion. Unless you have a rocking account where you post videos that you know people will actually go back to view your videos when we are in better coverage.  Just think twice before posting instagram videos.

10. Read up Instagram rules every once a while, learn about its updates and use it to interact.

11. Do not forget to put your device down and enjoy the holidays of LIFE and that includes bedtime. Get your 8 hours of sleep.  Yea, I used to sleep 6 hours so I could read up some news on the instagram for an hour and then another hour in the morning. This is going to be continued through 2014 as my new years resolution. Unless they come up with something new like usual.

Find me at Let me know yours so I can follow you if you follow those rules. :) Ok, I am just kidding! 


Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Year, Journey Continues

As I approach 2015, I thought it would be fun to look up my personal purchases from beachbody since 2010. I am not just a coach but a HUGE fan on 5th year strong practicing fitness and health with solely beachbody programs.  I am feeling all sentimental right now so enjoy reading as I go down the memory lane quickly and invite you to join me!

I am all for beauty of every size but this photo is exactly how my body and activity level transformed over the first year as a BB fan and I am still all for 30 minutes to 1 hour of workout each day for life is to be liven. I am not a professional athlete or a model at all. I don't care what shape or size anybody is as long as they are feeling good with their activity & self care focus. 

GYM was out of the picture, I am not tugging my little ones to the gym that doesnt have my favorite programs… they do not offer guidance on nutrition .. the daycare workers do not know ASL to take care of my kids… Gym was expensive and gas/driving time had me up the wall. I tried because it was the norm.

Working out was always an effort coming out of my hopes to feel better before I discovered beachbody however it wasnt the answer. Before BB, I had no idea what an at home workout program would consist but I took the plunge.. There were no challenge/support groups when I started so while I was coaching people individually, they came up with this as an idea and I POUNCED at the opportunity to hold others and myself accountable and am still starting new ones because they matter to many others like myself.     I had no idea how Shakeology would kick my focus onto healthier eating and I solved many of my health issues that I thought was NORMAL before then!  Thanks!!! (Just being overly grateful right now!!!)

Nutrition programs that came with the workout programs, other coaches and support groups like the one I am holding in January. You are invited to this because I am A HUGE BELIEVER and want you to find out WHY! It takes ONLY YOU to tango your tools.

My purchases... (all below altogether was CHEAPER and CHEAPER than if I was a member at a gym and I am able to reuse all of them or share with family and friends!)

21 Day Fix, Turbofire, t25, PIYO, Chalean Extreme, BodyBeast, Lesmills Pump, Lesmills Combat, TaiCheng, Insanity Max 30, p90x, p90x3, Asylum, Shakeology, 3 day refresh, Ultimate Reset was a mindblowing lifechanger for our clean eating habits, Energy and Endurance, Recovery and Result, Vitamins, Rocking Body, TurboJam, HipHop abs, and more.

They were all 25% off with my coach discount and they all are still being used!!! Just this morning, I wanted to do some yoga but got frustrated at lack of captioning on yoga programs on netflix and hulu plus so I went to my programs in my BIG book of dvds and discovered that almost every program I bought came with a yoga or stretching dvd.  Each workout does have a 10 minute stretch but also, there were full yoga or stretching workouts so I was in heaven this morning doing yoga with Tony Horton with captioning on full blast!

Over the years, I had injuries, conflicts in space as we moved around, traveled all over, and long list of excuses were there but with beachbody owning my back-- I took good care of myself and again, I am grateful for the fact a workout dvd was able to get me working out in a closet sized space every now and then and still BOOSTED my brain cells into better places each day!

After OFF days such as holidays or vacations, I truly do get into touch with my SUPER FOODIE SELF and get back to my clean eats afterwards. It's the coming back to normalcy every chance I get, that counts towards my continuing success.

Ignoring sedentary people who would send me info on why exercise is bad (rolling my eyes) or try to feed me bad foods without intention... I google up ways on how to confront them nicely and get back to what works for me because only I take care of myself! If there are people who can eat hotdogs and pizza all day long, I consider them awesome as long as I dont carbon copy the habits because that would just make my body a bitter n grumpy n aching one visiting my doctor with negative outlook on life. Fitness and nutrition is a lifesaver in more ways than I originally thought.

I pushed myself to press PLAY because I am a believer in a proven selfcare system in the fitness and nutrition aspect. I loved the workout calendar, nutrition guide to refresh myself every program I buy, people to motivate me, familiar and new faces among my team and more.   The only way it wont work is if you dont follow along the fitness+nutrition+accountability equation.    
Personally, I LOVE giving people the push to give this a try because nobody gave me the push back then and I wanted to give you this gift that keeps on giving and I am a 5th year living proof that beachbody works.

Did I inspire you? I really HOPE you get in for a good old honest change where you use your ENERGY towards challenges of each program to come to your fitness & nutrition library!

NEW YEAR---Good olde you healthier for life!

New small accountability group--- ONLY 5 allowed!

Send me an inbox here on Facebook n tell me about yourself and I ll get you started with proper tools.  

I am positive that you will be typing something like this 5 years later… consistency is cool!

Share this with somebody and you will never know what kind of gift you are giving!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

7 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

7 ways to motivate yourself to exercise 

1. Do it anyway.

2. Do it for 15 minutes still unmotivated? Don't think so.

3. Ask a friend to come along.

4. Find something new to do! If you run then go for a swim or a bike ride. Maybe you are getting bored with the same routine

5. Put on work out clothes, lace up shoes and go for a walk. Once you are out and moving you will find your motivation.

6. Remind yourself why you started working out and how much better you feel and feel about yourself when you are done! SELF ESTEEM! Free SPIRIT boost! 

7. Think how good you feel during (some) and after a workout! Nothing else gives you that same feeling!

Sending over LOTS of motivation to you this season!-----Pearlene Utley

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Write down your Goals

Goals will not happen if you don't write em down. 

This garden, deck & doors can be found on my list from 6 yrs ago when we bought this house. I thought it was silly to write em down if we couldn't afford it & it wasn't a priority but I just kept on adding it to my yearly and weekly goals lists. I usually hide my lists. In the last few years, I became serious & wrote down a detailed step by step plan & shared em openly. This plan changed many times but take a look at my current view. Accomplished! What are your long term goals? What did you accomplish that have been on your list for so long? Comment if this post inspires you to write down a long list of goals no matter how crazy they seem to you now!!!??

Published Article about My Story

Signs of Success:
Using Perseverance & Leadership to Conquer Challenges

 Pearlene Utley is living proof that no matter what challenges you face, you can still transform your life and achieve the things that matter most. Pearlene has had her challenges. She’s a working mom. Her boss didn’t understand her priorities as a parent. She had a lifelong weight problem. And, there was something else.
“I’m Deaf.”
Through her inner-strength, Pearlene never let her disability hold her back in any way. In fact, it was through her goal of getting fit and healthy after having kids that Pearlene learned about Beachbody.

Captioning leads to fitness
“In workout classes, it was hard to follow the instructor because I couldn’t hear them. When I discovered that DVDs from Beachbody had a captioning─BOOM, it meant access to information! I learned so much about the proper moves, forms, and more. Finally, I felt the burn in new places of my body and moved my health to new places.” After her caption discovery, she learned about another Beachbody product.
“People on Twitter were raving about Shakeology,” she says. “So I asked one of the Coaches to send me a sample. That’s when I realized a meal replacement shake can be healthy and not full of artificial ingredients. From that moment, I was hooked!”
Pearlene signed up as a Coach, but didn’t put a lot of effort into her business right away. She recalls, “I was busy with two small children, but when people started noticing how healthy I was getting, they began to ask questions about Shakeology. I couldn’t ignore the opportunity to help them become healthier. I guess you could say I gradually grew into Coaching, when I had a few minutes of free time during the kids’ naps.”  
Growing her bank account and freedom
“I was expecting to just cover my own Shakeology and be in shape and definitely am. But I’m shocked at how I’m being rewarded with paychecks that are bigger than what I’ve earned in all of my past jobs. Financially, Beachbody is really paying the bills, including my latest root canal bill, which is perfectly okay with me. Ha ha!” In addition to the financial increases, there are other positive changes for her family.
“Now, I get to decide if I can attend my child’s school events at 9am instead of begging my boss who doesn’t have a kid and understand how important being at a child’s school event is. And I can’t believe that I get to control my schedule according to my priorities.” Becoming a Team Beachbody Coach has also changed her outlook on life.
“With me being a more positive person, my family and I are making progress with any challenges and it’s easier to decide what our priorities are. We recover from hard times much easier now.” So how does Pearlene grow her business so well?
She learned to get creative
 Especially with Social Media. She breaks the silence barrier through the internet, over emails, aim, texts, and many more modes to grow her business. She never ceases to reach out and consistently incorporates technology into her business model. But her success is even more than that.
“Getting fit with Beachbody gave me a new sense of confidence. It’s helped me focus on life and what matters the most. I’ve learned how to communicate with others about my needs without offending them. Now, I’m proud to want to exercise instead of being ashamed of it. I was once an anorexic so eating and exercising in the public is a breakthrough for me.”
Leading & helping people heal
“Fitness and nutrition heal people, and helping people is what gives me purpose every day. I’ve learned if somebody is injured and can’t exercise, they can still be your best customer. They don’t take their health for granted. Usually, they’re very passionate about helping others and themselves.”
And Pearlene realized her family needed healing, too. “My dad watched me ramble on about Shakeology for months before he tried it. Now, he loves how he feels.” She adds, “My dad’s transformation taught me that people who may benefit from Beachbody are right under my nose!” 

Being deaf doesn’t have to be a barrier  
“It’s part of my hereditary pride. My family is carrying 8 Deaf generations so naturally, I find myself reaching out to them.” But for Pearlene, it’s all about the sharing.  
“The more I share, the more I unintentionally inspire others and they inspire me. And because of this, the last two years have been the BEST in my whole life. Every new Coach that becomes "family" through passion for health and nutrition makes my heart grow even bigger.” 
Through her background in Human Resources, she also saw a great opportunity.  
“It’s hard for Deaf people to get jobs because many employers are unaware of what accommodations to make, or simply too lazy to accept a different language. (Deaf people use American Sign Language.) So by being a Coach, I’m giving opportunities for Deaf people to earn money doing something they enjoy while making a difference.”  
So take a little inspirational advice from Pearlene. “Identify the negative and turn it into a positive by being creative. Focus on what you can do and what matters most.”
What are you waiting for? Get out there and conquer the world. 
Coach’s Playbook:
  • Commit to Personal Development. Overcoming obstacles is easier when you truly know who you are and what you’re capable of. You’ll learn how to be a better communicator, more positive person, and stay inspired to keep improving yourself and your business.
  • Stay engaged. Keep in contact with people who may need your help, even if they turn you down today. If they say no, pretend like they’re turning down a second cup of coffee, but might ask for one the next time you see them. 
  • Embrace the individual. Being a Coach is about helping people improve their lives, but you need to let them set the pace. Make yourself available, set a positive example, and they’ll reach out to you when they’re ready.

Why Paleo?

Let’s talk about Paleo/primal lifestyle, should we? This essay will explain what Paleo/primal lifestyle is for us and why we wanted it? And how it has worked for us and what you can keep in mind if you are interested in trying out the Paleo/primal lifestyle.

Ever since my daughter was two year old, she is now six, she had issues with her leaky gut, meaning her digestive system doesn't work. I've been struggling to repair it so that way her body can absorb all the nutrients better. Leaky gut mean waste of nutrients, even though she gets to eat healthy food, so we tried to target what the problem was. First, we were able to eliminate wheat, then discovered casein dairy and processed food were needed to go too. There were many more to the list we got to eliminate, which led us to the Paleo/ primal lifestyle. I was surprised.
There are plentiful of fascinating information on Paleo and primal lifestyle. (I would encourage you to look up and read more information on Paleo/primal lifestyle as they make so much sense in our choices we make.) The Paleo diet is broken down in five main parts: organic and natural meat, nuts/seeds, fruits, vegetable, fat and oil. It also emphasizes on no grain, which worked well for us because I noticed that my kids would only eat grains, ignoring fruits or vegetables. The grains they got to eat were GF (gluten free) rice but they came from the boxes. Boxed food is still considered as processed food so that went along with my elimination list, which our choices ultimately led us back to living fully Paleo again. It has worked so well for us when I was able to see progress in my daughter- she was getting better. It became a lot easier for me to explain clearly what five things she CAN eat compared to what she cannot eat. But as for nuts, peanuts are not allowed. Peanuts are categorized as legumes and we do not eat that. The five things guideline has become easier for others to be aware of and be clear on what to serve my daughter. Sometimes I would say grains, then they will serve rice, then add few other grains, but they may do not realize that there is actually gluten in them so definitely no grain for us.
I have always eaten healthy for a long time, but there are grains and some certain foods I had doubts about and ended up rejecting them naturally. People have always thought of me that I was trying to diet or lose weight, but that was not true. I wasn't crazy about these foods and they just didn't make me feel good every time I get to eat them- so time fast forward, when I discovered the Paleo lifestyle, it makes so much sense! Now I appreciate it, it makes me feel good and find it easier to decide on what I can eat than having to second-guess it.
It's my suggestion that if you want to try this lifestyle out, please give it more than three to four months or even a year to get your body adjusted and see what benefits can bring to you. Because sometimes the amount of your life, before starting the lifestyle, it may takes the same amount of time for your body to heal and repair. For example, if you have seasonal allergies that come in two times a year, Fall and Spring, then you need to give Paleo a try for a year. You will be able to notice a difference after a year. Another important thing to keep in mind, Paleo means you can eat “any” meat, “any” fruit or vegetable? No, they highly encourage you to consume organic and natural products because they believe in supporting healthy practices in raising plants and animals for food. This may be very basic, but I hope this will set you off to become more curious, look into more information and give it a try.

Oh My Sacramento!

Every walk you take is a risk taking adventure… when you have plantar fascia!  Actually, because there are dogs on the loose that might turn your walk into a Championship Track Meet Race.  So being a mother, in a beautiful town like Sacramento is making my plantar fascia take forever to heal because there are so many opportunities to take a walk. I moved to Hollywood Park, near William Land Park so I am cursed with many strolls that is preventing me from ever wanting to move out of town!  Around 11 years ago, my husband and I moved here thinking we would be in and OUT but after a short while, we, newly parents, got hooked to Sacramento.

And because my Deaf kids, 6 and 3 years olds, are extremely wild and taking them on walks helps a bit but then again, this can turn into a full intensity run.  Being Deaf doesn't make them more wild, it is just them energy and probably because the oldest one has RED hair and her energy feeds off the younger one.  Never mind this. I think I should mention that this capital of California is full of playground opportunities too. 
Just be sure to know the parking situation before you go to any playground. You will also need to know if they have bathrooms. This is important if you are a parent that just do not carry extra clothes in the trunk. I am a minimalist.
WilliamLand Park Playground
Sacramento is a great place for mothers like me because of all the great coffee going on. People take coffee seriously here. We got to take care of the whole state of California, right? Lots of coffee for us. This is like glue for our residency in Sacramento and you know how good coffee causes good blogs so when you read some of my better blogs, you know why.    

Temple Coffee

Where do you buy your coffee? Where do you take your kids for walks? Where do take them to play?   

Day 13 of the Paleo 21 Day Sugar Detox

“Small life changes equal big results.”
This is my 13th day of “The 21 Day Sugar Detox.”
I’m feeling great- feeling fine with some adjustments in my habits, here and there. It is clear that this is not a big life changing habit as I eat pretty healthy in general, but it is still a small change I can do for myself and modify around so I can maintain my habit beyond the 21 day phase.
Here are the highlights of my progress so far: -Identifying food triggers. They are the kind of food that will make me want to over eat more than necessary. For example- cashews is one of my triggers. Once I pop them in then I always eat more and more. There is something sweetish-tasty in it. That also goes the same for peanuts too. But I am not supposed to eat peanuts because they have aflatoxins (it’s vulnerable to mold) so they can create toxins in the body and that will make your body to overwork. It is a very sad fact about peanuts- as it’s popularly cheap and delicious… but I have been cutting back on peanuts gradually based on the knowledge of the peanuts so it doesn’t feel too overwhelmingly hard to quit.
-Hungry response. With the detox, I have noticed that I am not quick to respond to my hunger. From the book, there is a term called, “hangry.” I used to be “hangry,” being irritated and annoyed, but right now I am really appreciating the change that I am able to start prep and cook without having to eat whatever is in front of me peacefully.
-Leftovers! I have not been posting pictures of my meals a lot lately because of leftovers! This detox plan is really great for people who have a BUSY lifestyle- with PLENTY of leftovers, you will be less likely to fall off track. I have not been bored with leftovers as I have to be wise and creative by rotating my leftovers on different days so it still gives me the feel of variety. “Variety is the spice of life!”
-Remembering my purpose of doing this. In the middle of my busy family, work and life, I ask myself, “What is my purpose of doing this 21 day sugar detox?” So I looked up at the book again and it has reminded and reaffirmed my reasons to do it. The facts and information is so right on! It is also a time of refocusing on why I want to make this work. It is good to read it on a regular basis like monthly, just to keep yourself aware of the choices you make and why you started in first place.
Now it is my current goal is to work on portion control. I am not a person of counting calories, as it is not my style. I don’t pay attention to how much I eat especially when I am highly active, but I am dealing with an injury (bone spur on my foot) right now. So I am taking it easy, being less active to reduce the possibility of damaging my foot even more- so I would like to work on my portion control more if I am not being so active on some days. I also look forward to the new release of “21 Day Fix with Autumn” from Beachbody where its program also focus on portion control… They have boxes ready for you to prep your meals in it- whereas you would not need to count calories so I feel it is a good time for me to learn about portion control.
This new habit is highly addictive, but rewarding in the long run. It is better than having bad habits especially when it’s so easily accessible in order to continue bad habits while good habits are a lot more challenging. It is always known that bad habits will lead to poor results. Suppose if you’re 30 years old now, and still keep the bad habits for another 30 years, at the age of 60, what do you think you will end up like? That is definitely something to think about!

Day 3-6 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox

Day 3-6 have been good. Don't I always say that things are good. 
I had to remind myself often that a detox means there are no free bites. I cant even afford free bites because with my plantar/heel spur injury, I am not using as much energy so I don't really need to eat all those carbs.  Give and take. I need to repeat this 100 times and make it a song. Give the free bites to the dog. They will love em so much. Give them the extra avocado! Dogs need guacamole! 

Let's talk about meal times.  Everybody is hungry at different times. My husband likes to eat late dinners so at around 5pm, we would eat ours and then at 730pm, he would warm up the whole house with a wonderful scent that is harmful to my tastebuds because then I wouldnt be that hungry but the smell.  This goes on for all times of the day which makes our kitchen most used room of the house. Them eating. Me cleaning.   Ok- let's eat out so we all eat at the same time! 
Last week have been weird for me because there are so much good leftovers that I am getting tired of. My family doesnt eat leftovers. They just leave em over to me. So much for trying to make leftovers to save money. This goes on and on. Never ends.  Maybe, we need to stop shopping at Costco. 
Many of you have send me messages to ask about the book vs ebook so here are some of my answers.   See links to the amazon store I proudly own now.  Referring only the things I love because I love sharing what helps and what may help you as well. 
5 Reasons why you should buy The 21 Day Sugar Detox book instead of an ebook. 
1. The book has a meal plan that you can follow. There is a meal plan for each level of this detox you want to do. 
2. The Book has modification ideas for different kinds of allergies and any other needs such as athletes need for more fuel or if you have autoimmune issues.
3. Very light and easy to carry around. 
4. You can tear out pages and put in sheet protectors so you can get all messy in the kitchen. I tried using a whole book with the Practical Paleo but failed to keep it clean so I decided to tear out all the pages.  When I need a recipe, I just pull out one protected sheet and put it up on kitchen wall and try to cook a successful meal. Way to go, me?  
5. Battery doesnt die or your ipad/kindle doesnt get hidden by the kids. In my case, I always forget where I put my ipad so ebooks wouldnt do for this family. 

w we first transformed ourselves into the way we eat now. Living Paleo have helped my family so much but I have read so much about the other lifestyles that I cannot just say this is the best diet.  Everybody has different factors to eat the way they do. I fully respect that and I am just promoting each of you to just focus on improving your health a bit each day. If you want to focus on healing your gut, for a healthier immune system, this book has a great yet SIMPLE section explaining this in the beginning.  I dont need too much science in my life so this book have helped me answer questions without confusion.   If you click on this link, you will be led to the book that may change your health for the better even if you think you are already healthy. 

What is your source of sugar for TODAY? No, you can't take my children!

Day 2 of the Paleo 21 Day Sugar Detox

Is there such an issue from eating a bit too much broccoli? Plenty of em coming from my kids lunch boxes after school. I had my own for lunch and then theirs. I truly loved how I felt today. No CRAVINGS at all. I had no maple syrup the whole day. Had honey in my bulletproof coffee though because 1. It tastes good and 2. I am trying to keep a sore throat away. Why did it almost come anyway? I thought I was healthy enough.   Today was a much better water drinking day! 
Is it because I stayed home the whole day?   Yep. This is one of the biggest secrets of cleaning up your act.  Stay home. Just stay home.   What you don’t know, walk by, be offered, see or drive by, doesn’t hurt you.  I ate breakfast of leftovers and then again for lunch. Forgot to take my before stats and photos. Do that and learn about the HIDE feature in your iPhoto so that nobody sees them.  They are important. I should take my "after" stats before I go to a cookie party on the 20th day of the 21 day sugar detox.  Maybe I should not go?  

Snacks were leftovers too! Salmon & broccoli and leftover green apples. Thanks to my little kids.  Being healthy is pretty cheap on days like this. Instead of real foods, they insisted on eating bananas. More than 3 a day.   At least I swapped some almond butter on one as a healthy filler.    Dessert will be of leftover of what I had for dessert yesterday. Droolworthy photo on  
LesMills Pump workout at 5am surely helped with boosting my energy all day long. I would probably have skipped this workout if not for my buddy that came over.   There are angels that knock at your door this early every day. Such an accountability angel, you can call her.  Now, only if she is a blogger too.
Speaking of angels, December is truly here! I picked this month out of all months to do a 21 day sugar detox after living the paleo lifestyle for more than 6 months and truly healthy gluten free whole foods organic nongmo lifestyle for few years.  December is my favorite month to do detoxes. Last year, I did the Ultimate Reset and now this.  I just think that it’s harder to detox during the spring/summer when all the fruits and other yummy seasonal produce are screaming for smoothies and the heat and LONG DAYS that makes you tired and hungry.  I was talking about angels.... we need to buy an angel or a star for our Christmas tree.  I will look them up after this blog is posted but if I forget, I will ask my daughter to make one from construction paper.   I think I will just do that because I already spent so much money on their Christmas gifts. 
So December is my month, lets see what we do next year to clean up a new act and develop a new habit. If you have ideas, do spill. I am so excited about this month because aside from food, my heel is finally feeling better. Plantar drama is going away just in time for our Holiday Lights walks. Sacramento has beautiful tours that we are going to explore on our stayacation.   My toddlers have become walkers. No stroller duty assigned. No more whiny babies that want to walk with their socks and gloves OFF in the cold winter nights. It is like they just did p90x5 and need refreshing cold air to cool down?    
December is here. Just a beautiful month filled with warm and cozy sales, snuggling and sniffs. January will come and I will not make any new resolutions except for doing a complete p90x3 program while coaching my BETA test group. Cant wait to have Tony Horton here again, I was going to say.. To hear him again but I am Deaf, ASL user so to catch his humor with captions/subtitles will be just as hilarious as catching Jay Leno at midnight.  Can somebody confirm with me that Jay Leno have done a Beachbody workout program? I would love to become his coach.
After this post, I am off to write in my journal & Erin Condren Planner and talk to my 21 Day Sugar Detox accountability buddies in my facebook group. Let me know if you are starting or considering doing the detox! I can chitchat about this all day long on social media once my kids are fast asleep and I have set up the Elf on the Shelf. 

Day 1 of The Paleo 21 Day Sugar Detox

I always thought I had something like diabetes. My blood sugar crashes so often and I d need to eat something so often to prevent this.  Normal?   This is a whole another blog post.   Just wanted to talk about my first day of detox and a bit about why I am doing this.
We all need to refocus and learn about our bodies every once a while because we change with time. It is called aging.  I am first to admit it.   Ever since I was a little girl, I d always want to be a year older but what heck was I thinking?   I am a year younger because currently, I am getting healthier as you read this.  This might not make sense to you but in the last few years, I have been really studying the science of my body and how it works. 

Understanding my body and how it reacts to sugar is one hard task to take on because I am cursed with a sweet tooth.  I would look at people who take a bite of a chocolate fudge covered brownie and say, THIS IS RICH! I can ONLY TAKE ONE BITE.       I would take their piece and eat it as my second because its not rich to me.   
Watching my kids develop this kind of behavior have gotten me sick to my stomach with my own behavior.  
Speaking of kids, I have been breastfeeding for the last 6 and something years and would not be finished until my current toddler says so.  Breastfeeding gets me hungry at all hours of the day and NIGHT.    When my toddler was a baby, she would eat a lot during the nights so I would wake up starving at 2am. I would go into the kitchen and eat whatever is available.  It was okay because my body needed the fuel. 
Habits die hard. I am walking in the kitchen frequently as she nurses less and less.   Habits are developed. 
I need to unlearn because my body doesnt need em anymore. 
More about my thoughts later. I wanted to mention that the first day of this detox had me very FULL and satisfied all day long.  I tried to eat seconds and more to make sure I am FULL enough not to crave anything. I dont want to mess up this detox because I really want to damage my sweettooth and teach my kids not to ever develop em under my roof and beyond! 
Observation of the day was that I didnt feel like drinking water. I didnt need water at all until around 830pm which was really crazy for I am always drinking a gallon a day. Just ask my husband! (I say this often because... well he is my husband and my best friend.) 
Health is a practice. We do it everyday. And then again. 
(Where are the food photos and the cooking videos?)   
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Ultimate Reset Day 1-2

Where do I START?  Oh I feel a HEADACHE-- - its working!!    Excitement about a headache. OH my! 
I am constantly reminding myself that even though I feel content and comfortable with the eating part, I am still feeling some detoxifying effects.    My body is designed to handle it so there are no pain.  If I had two child births, I can have the willpower to go through 21 days of getting my insides into amazing shape!   I am already missing my working out routine. 

1.   CHEW SLOWLY??? With my two kids and husband constantly needing my attention?? This morning during breakfast, Maiya s nose bled and I kept on getting up to wipe her nose and didnt really focus on eating.  SIGHHHH   
2. No coffee?!   No problem! I am enjoying the Dandy Blend. Check www.dandyblend.comfor more information but it is a lifesaver. I think I can live without coffee! 
Yea. Dandy Blend looks frothy and nice just like freshly brewed coffee. 
3. My body feels little bit heavy today and I am constantly yawning and dreaming about taking a nap. 
4.  EASY? I forgot to take my supplements at certain times. I really thought I could handle it after this blog, I have to set alerts on my google calendar so that I can be reminded of when to take the supplements because you have waiting time before you can eat.  With the reading I have done on the Ultimate Reset, I really think everything makes sense.  Also, need to get in the Participant Portal to set up daily emails they d send according on the day you are on.   
5.  I do like menu plans but this plan requires me to not drink anything for 30 minutes before and after meals. This is the biggest shift for me as I usually LOVE drinking water up to and during meals! The another big shift is the amount of groceries to be sure to have on hand for each week! I keep telling myself that we need an extra refrigerator just for this program! 
First URS meal was good but it was when I realized my children do need to eat off my plate as a routine so I decided to cook more and put on my plate so that if they take some off, I would still be okay.  AHA! 
Instead of making microgreen salad every time, we decided to save time and put everything together. Each time the menu plan asks for a microgreen salad, I would just scoop up a cup and put on top of my greens to go with the infamous creamy garlic dressing.  Darrell did a video on this the other day at
Drinking my Alkalinize which was easy to drink as it tastes as plain as grass. I am not saying I have tasted grass but maybe one day, I would!  That's why I asked the other day on my facebook if grass is a vegetable! 
6. Yesterday and today, I took kids out and around town throughout my lunches. I was committed to packing and taking lunches out but it could be easily forgotten.   I had to bring my supplements too to make sure I dont miss taking them in case we dont return home in time. 
Lunch out on the day after Thanksgiving. No sugary yams or fried turkey!  Just pure cleansing microgreen salad that was surprisingly filling. 
Today's Lunch
Yesterday's Dinner
7. If you plan to do the Ultimate Reset, be sure to get tons of support from your coach or if you do not have a coach yet, please let me know   YOU WILL need the support as I am enjoying supporting my customers and currently using a special Ultimate Reset Facebook group organized by each phase with Beachbody workers answering questions. 
8. Noticed that I am so used to grazing throughout the day so I am having the perks of not having to visit the kitchen between meals however it takes a lot of time to prepare for meals. We keep the meal schedule pretty consistent during Ultimate Reset so we dont become too hungry.  Keep this in mind.
9. GOAL for tomorrow:KEEP my kids away from my water bottles! Maiya, the 2 years old, shoved her cute little hand in my water bottle and played with it while I was eating my dinner, trying to chew slowly.    SIGHHHH again! 
I plan to drink a whole gallon each day to help with the detoxing process.
10. I am already looking forward to two things!!!   Better sleep occurs after second day of the reset which is one of my major reasons of doing the Ultimate Reset!  
 I am also looking forward to getting my Ultimate Reset tshirt!!!  If you want the shirt, be sure to buy the program and go to this link
My current favorite tip ... "At the first sign of stress, breathe."