Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Elizabeth Foronda- Team Proficio Coaches

You have no idea how blessed I was to have met Elizabeth last year. This full time teacher, mama of 3 kids & a big fan of Beachbody workouts and we quickly clicked through our love for fitness! 

Now, the click is louder because she's not keeping anything to herself and just promoted herself in her coaching business! I am beyond proud and grateful to have a wonderful person with great intentions in my organization.  

Sharing is caring and it shows! 

Help me congratulate her and check her page for her journey is an inspiration! @healthyfitmomof3  

Monday, August 24, 2015

What to Think about Cheat Meals


Think about the healthy lifestyle you want to live before thinking about cheat meals. Birthdays, weddings and vacations will always be there! Your clean eating lifestyle is the ultimate goal for you to keep working towards, as long as you live.

How to handle cheat meals depend on your ultimate goal. It may be to lose 100 lbs, to clean up the inside of your body, to fuel your body with proper nutrition, to train for a competition or to maintain your general health.

There are so many articles on cheat meals on the internet for different goals so stay educated.

Through my weight loss & health as in autoimmune protocol journey in the last 5 years, I have faced less and less cravings hence cheat meals have became an nonissue. It will become like that for you the longer you stick to the focusing on nutrition for the majority of your time.

80/20 Rule is when you enjoy treats 20% of the time but make sure the treats are at least clean and organic so you get less toxins. There are so many wise choices you can make during your cheat meals also known as the 20%.

When you do cheat, do not go CRAZY. Go one bucket off but not a whole mile off track and make yourself sick.   If you are eating off the 2nd column aka calorie bucket from 21 Day Fix, a portion control container fitness program that you can get from me, eat according to the next bucket instead of going all way to the 10th bucket and make yourself sick.

Do not pick and day to cheat and eat horrible the whole day because that would be harder to recover from.

Cheating on foods that are really BAD for you will have some mental effects on you. Bring back strong cravings causing you to eat bad longer and make it harder for you to go back on track.

There is a little benefit of eating more aka cheating a bit, which is shocking & revving up your metabolism a bit. But don't do that too often or it would turn into a habit and get you back to square one.

Focus on what your body and mind needs over the long term and eat to fuel your body.

Friday, August 21, 2015

3 Day Refresh Vegan Eating Detox

When you need something to snap you back on clean eating track, or to get rid of the toxins that may have gotten you out of control with cravings... say you had a Superbowl weekend with 3 parties!?!  

Now, you have a hard time getting back to eating clean because that is the true lifestyle. Superbowl fun is the 20%.   This refresh is the BEST! I know from my own experience as I do this often to keep my cravings under control.  

Basically, you are a VEGAN for the whole 3 days to give your body a break. 
Some fiber sweep drink...Yummy smoothies.. salads and a warm dinner to go with a cup of broth.  GOOD solid sleep. 


You can get details on this program by going to www.pearleneutley.com and clicking SHOP.  
Find 3 Day Refresh then click "See Details."  

I like to read everything before giving it a shot. Super strict??

My cravings have had a crazy childhood so I am stuck with trying to tame it into my adulthood. 
This is a winning tool.

With the information in the videos below, I would like to share that you can get this 3 Day Refresh program at no charge with one order of Shakeology until August 31. I would love to have you take part in my September 1st 3 Day Refresh challenge.   I will have one every month until January!    

Yea, I told you I am strict and want to keep you guys on track until 2015 ends! 

In this video, I talk about the 3 Day Refresh program. 

One of the recipes from the 3 Day Refresh program that I enjoy so much!

Details about the 3 Day Refresh from the creator who is an nutritionist that have noticed that some people do cleanses in a damaging way so she worked with Carl Daikeler, Beachbody CEO, to create this powerful 3 Day Cleanse that you can do on a monthly or quarterly basis. This is a good alternative to the Ultimate Reset's 3 weeks cleanse. 

Here are some of the success stories that came out in the beginning using the beta testers.

All above videos has captions. #withcaptions

With clean love,
Coach Pearl

Ways to Dice your Vegetables

Video on how I chop, grate and prep my top favorite vegetable staples! 

As you try different recipes, you may find yourself wondering how much of that new food your body really needs. 

How many eggs do your body need in the mornings? How much tomato sauce do you need? It have always been a mystery to me til #21dayfix containers cleared everything up so as I cook awesome recipes including this #nomatosauce, without tomatoes and made with #bonebroth, beets and carrots! 

I knew how much I needed because if not, I would slurp em all up as an excitement of a new delicious recipe! 

All excitement aside, portion control doesn't only tell you how much to eat but we help you clear up on WHAT your body needs to eat from each foods categories everyday! 

Vegans, paleo, or any eating style needs a good BALANCE. Let me help you! 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Coach Pearl's Schedule August 2015-January 2016

By 2016, I will.... You will... 
Here is my schedule for the next 6 months! *Check back here for more details on each program & updates* 

Challenge groups or if you do not have facebook, I can personally connect with you via a method of your choice. 

Not for people who already have a coach so you must have me assigned as your coach. 

Please feel free to ask me questions so that I can HELP you arrange a better schedule to match your health goals. 

You can also get a free trial of Beachbody Ondemand to explore types of workouts, during any of those challenges.  

August 17 to September 6-  
21 Day Fix Nutrition and workout of your choice or 21 Day Fix $39

September 7 to 12-
 5 Days FREE Clean Eating 

September 6-27
21 Day Fix Nutrition and workout of your choice or 21 Day Fix 

October 4 to 25- 
21 Day Fix Nutrition and workout of your choice or 21 Day Fix 

October 31 
BODMARATHON (check back for details) 

December 1-22
21 Day Fix Nutrition and workout of your choice or 21 Day Fix 

January 4-25 21 Day Fix Nutrition and workout of your choice or 21 Day Fix 

Updated 21 Day Fix Food List

When the 21 Day Fix first came out, I dove right in because I always felt like I had been second guessing what I was supposed to eat at certain times because my activity level goes up and down over the day or week, so it was quite a headache for me.

The issues I had were... How much am I supposed to eat if I am not working out? How much more do I need to add if I actually do my intensive workout that day? Guess what... 21 Day Fix pretty much solved this issue once getting this program, for my personal needs with this issue, instantly shared this with my Beachbody clients and my peers.

The guidebook, either downloaded via Beachbody OnDemand or in the actual physical book, it has a page where you do a simple calculation every once a while to make sure you are fueling your body properly. I swear by this program because I used to lack fruits, carbs and proteins! Blame it on the kids for eating all of the fruits and taking my proteins at dinner time, but now I know.

Click here for link to my schedule for where you can see when I host certain challenges to coach you through a program of your choice. Extra accountability matched with tools to help you get to your goal and succeed rather than going through rebounds.  Who wants this yo-yo lifestyle!!  Fitness Forever!

Here you will be able to download and print a general food list for the 21 Day Fix program. This was just updated as of August 2015. 

Print and put one in your purse, car and in the kitchen for when you have a blank moment like me 10x a day.

Sign up to have me as your FREE Beachbody Coach here at www.pearleneutley.com (Please email me or connect with me on www.facebook.com/pearlene.utley after signing up so I can check to see if you are IN and send you an email with few free tools to help you get started.)