Saturday, September 26, 2015

Be Beautiful


Today, this pair of jeans is going to the goodwill. I have had held hope onto fitting in you for years.   

5 years. 

I transformed my lifestyle 100%.

Exercise and move my body daily. 

Eat super clean and never starve myself. 

Feel super awesome mentally and physically.

Reached my major weight loss goals and many other non-scale victories. 

My legs still never felt right with you, that pair! 

I changed enough. I am sticking with my healthy habits for life, but because I can't go beyond are off my shelves! 

My kids are watching. They are learning about how their bodies are different than others. How some clothes are not comfortable on them but are perfect for others. They have inspired me to embrace my features when I have done everything for 5 years. 

It's okay to dump something that you thought were cute for so long because they are not meant for you. 

Dump and tag me! ❤️💪🏼


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

One Journey, Many Stories... A Transformation Summary

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Check out that "Good Morning" face on the right side--- I just couldn't smile that early and just right before a workout? Oh yeah...  But if I took a picture after my workout, I would be smiling ear to ear! You will see how magical effect a workout can have on your mental well-being!

This is a more recent transformation photo that I really love, because the "before photo" (on the left) was the day I first met my husband, Darrell Utley.

Unfortunately, how I took care of myself at that age isn't exactly the same as I do nowadays... because I know better now through my journey.

*I am here for any of your goals, for you, anytime!* 

The time I met my husband was really the beginning of my fitness & mental well-being journey because I was also at a new chapter of my life. He saw my journey from day one and I have always been sharing all of my struggles with him.

It is amazing to know that he has watched me with my horrible habits and didn't make me feel bad about it or myself. He just allowed me go on each part of my journey. I have to give him kudos for learning everything with me including what color is for which, of the 21 Day Fix Nutritional program.

He is the best for helping make us a couple of adorable kids to love forever!

I posted this photo in the challenge group that I am coaching and had several conversations that led me to want to document this experience in a blog.

Keep the conversations going because you can do it, no matter how hard it is to change your lifestyle.

Over time, I learned how to eat to "live," how to control my thoughts and make them positive and how to embrace life itself.  It is a SLOW PROCESS.

Not to make this post too long, I posted few of my stories from my weight-loss journey which has many impacts on other parts of my life.

*Nutritional Supplements and Programs for any level of athleticism* 

You can read them or take my message to heart, that a journey is not just one round of a workout program.

It is many many rounds of program after program and lots of personal development work.

You do hours of research and thinking.  

First part of my journey is way different than than the recent years because I didn't weight train much back then!

In the beginning, it was a a slow struggle because I didn't know about Beachbody programs and then once captioning on the Beachbody programs began in 2010 brought access to loads of information on correcting my forms, workouts to balance my months out instead of just doing "cardio on the treadmill" forever.

I now weight train, do cardio, and strengthening with my Beachbody programs.
Not only that, I'm Online with Beachbody OnDemand and also on DVD.

My health journey had plateaued for years between this photo and today.  When my second child was born, I discovered Beachbody with P90X and Turbofire. I can say YES, my life was forever changed both emotionally and physically. Those are stories I blogged about in other posts.

When my kids ask me why I workout, I tell them I want to stay strong for each day.  I workout to protect myself mentally and physically.

My point is to NEVER give up- even if it takes you 15 years, you are worth it!

Below, you can read more parts of my long journey and it is not ending anytime soon. I workout to protect myself from sick days, remember...

I host an accountability group around every month so please email me or inbox me on Facebook to request to participate.  You can do it, too!

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